Welcome to My Blog!

001 (2) I became interested in genealogy a few years ago when my Uncle Don shared some of his research with me.  He has since passed on but I will be forever grateful for the gift of family history and the interest he instilled in me for researching family history.  Two of the reasons I am passionate about learning and sharing what I’ve learned about my ancestral history are my grandchildren.  I consider what I gather and document to be my legacy to them, and hopefully their grandchildren.

I love to connect with others who enjoy genealogy, especially those who are researching the same family lines as I am.  I have learned and gained so much from my ‘new’ relatives and friends through documents and stories.  As a result of these connections I’ve received information and photos that I never would have found on my own.  I’ve learned research techniques, I’ve heard about resources, and I’ve made connections.  Those are invaluable gifts.

Ancestor Wall 001

My Ancestor Wall

Sharing information and photos not only enriches those who receive this bounty, it also preserves it.  If an image exists in only one place and through some disaster is destroyed, it is gone forever.  If many of us have the image, it will be preserved.

I’ll be blogging about my ancestors and my husband’s ancestors as a way to share and preserve the information and images related to our family lines.  I may share resources, and recount my genealogy experiences and invite you to comment and participate in this conversations.

Welcome to Charlotte’s Web of Kindred Connections.  I hope you enjoy it.


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