Happy 134th Birthday to William (Papa) Hudson!

William Arthur Hudson1883-1963

This handsome young man is William Arthur Hudson (1883-1963), my husband’s grandfather. This was taken around the turn of the century before he became the father of seven daughters and (finally) one son!

William was born May 23, 1883 in Moncton, New Brunswick to Thomas Hudson and Sarah Jane McDonald.  He was the 3rd generation of Hudsons to be born in Canada and the 3rd child of seven born to Tom and Sarah.

In the early 1900s William and his brother Tom came to BC with plans to travel to the west coast.  They worked odd jobs along the way, and were checking out some work opportunities in the Shuswap area when fate stepped in.

William Arthur Hudson

William met Dora Munger at a dance at Prichard, BC and decided to stick around.   Before long they married and raised a family of eight children – seven girls between 1911 and 1926 before a son was born in 1927.  They lived in Anglemont, Chase, Salmon Arm, and Kamloops.

The Chase House – Will Hudson and his brother Tom

William and Tom were the first white settlers in the Anglemont, BC area.  William and Tom built this house in Chase, which is still standing, and to which William and his wife, Dora returned to in 1960, 50 years after they built it!

William possessed many skills and wore many different hats during his working life.  He built houses, he had a vet certificate, he had a blacksmith shop, he farmed, and he logged.  He was also the Justice of the Peace and the first postmaster at the Anglemont Post Office when it opened in 1914 as a lean-to off the front room of his house.

His adult children talked about him often, testifying to his devotion to his family.  They had many stories that reflected happy childhoods and a loving home life.

Happy 134th Birthday, Papa Hudson!





Happy 91st Birthday, Lorna! 1926-2008

Just when I thought I’d gathered all the documents, and had a pretty comprehensive picture of the life events of Lorna Gorley (nee Hudson) I learned something surprising.

Dora Hudson (nee Munger) and her 7 daughters

Lorna was born the 7th daughter to Will and Dora (nee Munger) Hudson.  They already had Evelyn, Dorothy, Bessie, Mary, Hazel, and Mildred (Toody).  This large group of girls ranged in age from 3 to 15, so Will and Dora were well acquainted with the challenges of raising girls.

Lorna was born May 11, 1926.  Nine days later she was baptised.  I am imagining a busy household with a new baby doesn’t afford the parents much time to pay attention to the details.  Recently I was going through some documents I hadn’t seen before and noticed something interesting.  On May 20, 1926, this nine-day-old baby was baptised as “Grace Lorna Hudson”.  Again, I can imagine that when Will and Dora noticed this they might have said “What?!  That’s not what we named her!”  So, back to the church for another baptism.  Ten days later she was baptised again as “Lorna Grace Hudson.”  Not everyone can claim to be baptised twice with two different names!

Lorna in the 1990s

While that information was new, there were some things that I knew well and were constant in Lorna’s life.  She had style!  She worked in a women’s wear store in Prince George so had access to all the latest trends and brought quite a few pieces home with her.  A girl has to look good!  She even modelled some of the clothes for newspaper ads.

She was unwavering in her love and commitment to her family and when her grandchildren were around, they had her full attention.  If she had lived to see her great-grandchildren, they would have received the same love and undivided attention from her.  I often think how she would enjoy time with Genevieve, Hudson, Lily, Campbell, and the ones yet to come.  She spent as much time as she could at the cabin, and was quite at home preparing meals without all the conveniences … like running water.

Lorna, Graham, Doug 1986

Lorna at the Cabin 1990s






In the past I have commemorated Lorna in Facebook posts, so now some of those posts will eventually find their way to this blog.