Their Lives Mattered.

Not everyone is interested in their family history and I understand that.  I’ve heard the question “Why do people want to know anything about their ancestors anyway?”

Well, their lives mattered, that’s why. They lived, they loved, they rejoiced, and they feared. They were real people, and they deserve to be remembered.  They did small and great things.  They raised families and went about day-to-day life.  They nurtured communities and they belonged.

They passed down stories, knowledge, culture, rituals, and traditions.  That’s important to our sense of who we are, even if we don’t acknowledge it.

They connect us to our heritage, to our collective history.  By doing that, they are actually connecting us to the future by situating us in ‘future history’.

A friend’s granddaughter said she would keep her grandfather “in the land of the remembered instead of letting him go to the land of the forgotten.”  That’s reason enough to know about our ancestors and family history.



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